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This will give you some usable information about setting up a
growing system at home. Can be used indoors in the winter and out
side in the spring, summer and fall.

If you don’t have a room with enough natural light, there is a
grow light assembly available. Scroll around on the site and take
a look at all the possibilities.

Bright Agrotech

Taking a chance is worthwhile sometimes. So if you are worried about
the food you eat and want to grow your own…the equipment and resources to allow you to set up and grow, even in a small space are available here.

Just a corner in the kitchen will do. Think as they say “Outside the Box”
and start a new hobby!

How About Growing the Freshest Herbs
How About Growing the Freshest Herbs
about brown thumb gardening
About brown thumb gardening
about starting a vertical garden
About starting a vertical garden

I noticed when I visited this site that there are kits with nutrients to add to the water that you use in the system so the plants are fed.  If you want to grow your own starter plants…they have that covered also.

There are several free manuals that will teach you how to use the system…even offers suggestions for the best plants to grown indoors in the winter with light requirements.

Some plants do well in low light and will grow without full sun.  I seem to remember that some of the salad veggies are in the list.

There are several options for homeowners and apartment dwellers.  Even  what they call a “Wall” that can be used against the side of your house or garage.

Their information is really organized…even an unskilled peep can do this.  It seemed much simpler than putting together some Christmas toys that I have done.

Something else about these vertical growers….not into vegetables but love flowers?  You have got to scroll around and find the video about growing flowers in vertical towers.
One I saw…they said had over 50 pounds of flowers.

Check it out!  Have fun…I did! Just Click on anyone of the pictures and you are there.
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New things being found all the time. These guys are for real. I remember them from when they got a hands up by running a Kick Start campaign to get funds to have their towers constructed.

space saving gardening

So Remember Share great ideas.

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