Alternative Solar Energy Stirling Planet

After this page was posted, The Australian Developer who had this system about ready for World Wide sold out to an Asian company. 

After a time, the company and its SOLAR STIRLING PLANT seems to have disappeared.  What is interesting is the fact that I have an all video site at and search for the Stirling Solar Plant there are numerous videos that come up.

There are also several from different Asian Countries.  Some of them supposedly show how to make the Stirling Engine at home.  I found a series of videos on YouTube by a British man who just likes building things.  He has several videos so if you want to watch, I have included one of them here.


Are you giving up on Solar because it is so EXPENSIVE?  Looking for a more reasonable way to reduce your dependence on the Electric Company and friends like OPEC and the oil companies? 

This is a different solar energy generator called the Stirling Plant, it is a system that harnesses up to 12x more energy than the expensive solar photovoltaic energy systems.

The best part about it, it is much cheaper to build than regular solar panels, and it is easy to build, meaning you don’t have to have any technical skills prior to building it.

It uses Solar Sun Rays to become a virtual Steam Engine.  Steam Engines once were the backbone of the Industrial Revolution.  Steam powered trains, ships, factories and even tractors used for farming.  It fell by the wayside with the invention and development of the modern gas fueled combustion engine.  In the Stirling engine Hydrogen gas is used to push the pistons in the engine when heated by the sun’s rays. 

Because the parabolic dish concentrates the sun’s rays on a single point, just like TV satellite dishes do when collecting signals from the satellite, Solar Stirling Plants are 12 times more efficient than flat solar cell collector panels at collecting and converting the Sun into useable energy.  

There is more information available  at Solar Stirling Plant including information on how to build this different Solar Power Collector.

After watching the video, it seems possible that a new kind of Steam Engine is once again going to revolution our economy by changing how electricity is generated without the use of any carbon fuel.  The Sun is free….Oil, natural gas and Coal are not.  Do the math. 

Solar Cell panels are priced right up there with Oil and Coal when calculating “return on investment”  but according the the figures and information presented by Solar Stirling Plant the dishes used to power these systems are CHEAP to build.  Even with the addition of tracking hardware and software the cost of a Solar Stirling Plant is much less expensive than the Solar Systems on todays market.  Go take a look.  Just one small “dish” installed at several test homes reduced electric bills by 40 per cent.  Install more and sell electricity to the Electric Company!  Real Free Electricity.


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