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Sharing The Climate Reality Project

Sharing The Climate Reality Project Featuring Al Gore

Al Gore did the introduction to The Climate Reality Project live broadcast, explaining some of the projects they will be featuring.

Project Reality 24 hours of Reality
Project Reality
24 hours of Reality

He is ecstatic about the fact that in the U.S.  Alternative Energy has more than beaten the estimates of adding carbon free fuels into the mix of energy being use.

Next  he  interviewed that spunky Mayor from Puerto Rico that Trump didn’t fall in love with and try his regular Grab em technique.  (sorry couldn’t resist)

Puerto Rico Still Need Help, Water is Contaminated

She is more wily than me and avoided making a comment about Trump by saying what is going on in Puerto Rico is about the people and the help that is needed to rebuild and provide energy and clean drinking water and daily health care for people in need.

Not about politics.

She did request  that the rest of America not forget them. 

Said there are usually updates and information on Twitter and Facebook as the regular media doesn’t seem to remember them. 

Said she is very grateful for money and help that has been sent by ordinary citizens  and was surprised that so many people in Florida and Texas have responded. 

Even mentioned money sent by a 9 year old school boy and a $20 bill stapled to a post card from a Teacher in the U.S.

Jonathan Scott Hosted a Section

After that I got to watch one of my favorite actors from HGTV  Jonathan Scott from Property Brothers.

He said he had attended a construction workshop in Canada and learned a lot. 

Canadians are Proud of Participating in Climate Reality Project
Canadians are Proud of Participating in Climate Reality Project

Maybe there will be a re-run.  I’ll give you the link to the program at the end of this post.

Watch a Training Class for Wind Technicians Presented by The Climate Reality Project

Much to learn in this live class.  Included watching them get suited up with the necessary ropes and pulleys and safety equipment.  

This class was in Montana where they are training Wind technicians for free in a program sponsored by a company that installs and maintains those huge wind mills. 

Several of the trainees were former Oil workers who are happy to retrain as the oil work in Montana has diminished.

Here is a link to The Climate Reality Project  click and go!


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Harvesting Green alternative Wind Energy Costs Man Six Months in Jail

Minnesota Man gets Six Months in Jail for Harvesting  Green Alternative Wind Energy on His Property

After the city passed a draconian law to stop one man using clean energy, Go Green Energy founder, Jay Nygard, found himself in prison.

Six Months in Jail for trying to  Use Green Alternative Wind Energy. ~Cararta

A man from the city of Orono, Minnesota, was sentenced to six months in jail for refusing to completely remove a wind turbine that he had installed on his property to harvest clean energy.

The man, Jay Nygard, was put behind bars in October 2015. 

Using Clean Energy in the U.S. is often against the Law

According to media reports, Mr Nygard is a known clean energy advocate, after founding Go Green Energy.

His company makes solar panels, hot water systems and attic fans, as well as turbines that mount onto roofs or stand freely, like the one he built that resulted in his prison sentence.

Jay Nygard

Nygard is said to have built a 29-foot-high wind turbine on his property in 2010, to make personal use of the clean energy that the machine generates.

Zoning Laws Can be Used to Deny Property Owners Use of their Property for Green Energy

When Nygard was about to erect his wind turbine, he was reportedly denied the appropriate permits by city officials.

The city officials said then, the turbine violated so-called zoning laws, and that it made neighbors uncomfortable.

Zoning is the way government controls the physical development of land and the kinds of uses to which each individual property may be put to.

But Nygard and his lawyer held that the wind turbine was similar to light poles or basketball hoops erected without needing city clearance.

He erected the wind turbine, which was generating clean power for his house.

Officials In Charge Often Pass Unfriendly Laws

City officials then demanded he take the turbine down, going further to pass a new law banning wind turbines within the city limits.

Jay Nygard

After passing the draconian law, the city then dragged Nygard to court.

The court ruled that the city cannot ban residents from erecting wind turbines to harness wind energy.

However, strangely, the court also ruled that Nygard take down his wind turbine because it caused disturbances to his neighbors, despite being situated on his property.

The court battle carried on for over a year. As a law abiding citizen, Nygard did eventually remove the turbine, leaving only the cement base – because removing it would cause structural damage to his house.

City Continued to Make Demands, Even After the Alternative Green Energy Wind Turbine Was Removed.

However, not to let matters rest, city officials demanded he remove the base of the structure.

It is said three different engineers advised city officials that removal of the base would cause damage to Nygard’s house. 

Yet, the city refused to heed to this advice.

Jay Nygard

The city went back to court.

The court ordered the base of the structure to be removed.

While Nygard was still contemplating on how best to remove the base without causing damage to his house, he was arrested and taken into custody, and later put before the court for contempt charges.

The court sentenced Nygard to six months for not complying with a previous court order to remove the base.

The Nygard family told local media that the sentence was a display of unfair treatment.

City Officials Were Determined to Make an Example of Nygard.

According to them, the ruling was not done in accordance with the law. They told how they were in the process of removing the base, when Nygard was arrested by the police.

“He was arrested, handcuffed, and taken to jail. Tonight will be night No. 4 in jail. That was the best place to harvest the wind on our property. We don’t have a very big property. I don’t know where else we could have put it,” Kendell, Nygard’s wife said.

But despite being sentenced, Nygard still operates three smaller alternative green wind energy turbines on their property. The family said they believed they would be able to keep them, in order to generate clean energy.

Jay Nygard

Governments around the world are encouraging their citizens to harness clean energy.

However, it is unclear why in the United States, people would have to follow needless bureaucracy before being able to do something they have the right to do.

There are often instances of this backward behavior.  Many are caused by interference from local power companies fighting to maintain their monopoly of energy and its distribution.  ~Cararta

Nygard has the right to do whatever he wants with his own property, but unfortunately, in a democracy such as the United States, the property rights of an individual can be overridden according to the whims of politicians and the demands of uninvolved third parties, irrespective of the potential benefits, such as clean energy.

It is a shame, because many countries are moving forward to the use of Carbon Free energy production.  ~Cararta

Here is a link to Mr. Nygard’s website.  Many interesting pictures and examples of Alternative  Green Energy Installations.

North American Installations of Wind Turbines and Solar  

Enjoy your Trip!   For more Green Alternative Energy

Take a trip to Facebook Green Alternative Solar and Wind Energy

Hope you enjoyed this share.

By the way, further checking shows Nyland only spend 4 days in jail, somehow got offending foundation removed over the weekend while he was in jail, so he was released and back to work constructing and selling Green Alternative solar and wind Energy everywhere in his state, except for the city where he lives!

So much information, and some of it on the negative side.  To bad our Alternative Energy development is being hindered by the providers in charge.

They ought to be leading the way to develop better energy sources that they can use without having to pay an arm and a leg for it.

So Many energy companies could make a great impact by converting to Green Alternative Wind and Solar energy and probably reap a higher profit…just by maintaining their new equipment, supporting research and development and Clean up the Air and water being polluted by their current energy sources.!

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Solar Roof Shingles vs Asphalt Shingles and Solar Panels (Review)


What is New, solar shingles instead of Asphalt

Solar Roof Shingles vs. Asphalt Shingles

And Solar Panels

If you are a big advocate for green life, you must have been excited about the innovation of the solar roof shingles. Compared to the conventional asphalt shingles, this new solar system can deliver obvious advantages and benefits to those green-oriented families.

Visual Appeal

This new type of shingles resemble the traditional asphalt shingles in size and finish, but are covered with thin film solar cells that are responsible for converting sunlight into electricity. Despite their thinness, these solar cells are able to produce the same amount of solar energy as that produced by the large array of solar panels. In fact, the solar shingle systems were exactly designed to substitute for the visually intrusive solar panel arrays.

Higher Acceptance

In some areas, the homeowner associations do not allow installation of solar panel arrays either on your roof or backyard. But, don”t you think that the solar shingles will be more acceptable to them, as your roof will not look much different from their own roofs?

More Flexibility

There are two types of solar shingle systems available. The off-grid system is a self-contained one, while the on-grid one is attached to the public utility. The working mechanism behind the shingle solar system is the same as the old (though still being widely used at the moment) solar panel arrays – it collect sunlight and convert it into electricity through photovoltaic cells. The only difference is that the shingle systems use materials that are much smaller in size, but, with the newest solar technology, they are able to produce just the same amount of solar energy.

Easy Replacement

This new shingle system does not just look like the traditional asphalt shingles, it can also be replaced easily just as the asphalt shingles. Having said that, there is no need to worry about maintenance or replacement as yet. Almost all shingle systems in the market will last for at least 20 years, and they are able to sustain even the harsh weather like storm and high winds.

Right now, the solar roof shingles are still fair new in the market, and it is for your best interest that you purchase from reputable manufacturers that also provide professional installation. You can always do your research on the internet, find the best supplier, get the high-tech shingles properly installed, and start to experience the change to your life!

Click here for an excellent resource about using alternative energy for home power supply. Don”t worry if you are technically-challenged, all topics are explained in simple plain English.

Interested in solar panel kits? Check out what sort of planning you need to carry out before making your investment.

For more information click here

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