Green Energy from the Sun and Wind

In this time of uncertainty it is imperative that we make a real effort to use free electricity generated by solar cells  instead of depending on other countries to subsidize our economy with cheap oil…Something that is no longer happening.  Alternative green energy can be created using almost free solar panels to generate free electriticy.

Home made solar and wind power generation is a feasible alternative.

I have searched the web  and found some of the best programs that are out there.  Give them a look over, many have videos explaining what you get with their program.   Several have step by step videos along with manuals that explain every step in building and installing your own solar and wind power generating systems.  Most also list places to buy what you need at the best price.

I will try to make a notation on the ones that also include sources for the important materials that you will need.  Solar cells come in many shapes and sizes and quality so if you are like me and have never built a solar array it would be wise to take the advise of the expert and acquire what  he suggests is the best product for the system he is going to teach you to build.

I watched several of the “How to” videos on two of the sites and came away impressed.  Many of the sellers of the Make your own Solar and Wind power generation systems are Engineers or Electricians so they have the experience, knowledge and  background needed to actually do this kind of  work.

Below are links to two of the Make and Install your own Solar and Wind power generating systems that do offer  materials lists, videos on DVD and downloadable manuals with STEP BY STEP  directions.  I was impressed that the guy from Minnesota put his personal email there so if you run into a problem that he didn’t anticipate, you had someone to contact to get help.

What is one of the biggest benefits of doing your own assembly and installation is the several thousand dollars you save by not buying a pre manufactured system.  Then when you do get your Solar and Wind power generating systems installed comes the real pay off.  Depending on the size of the system installed and your normal power useage…it is possible that after everything is up and running…..The Power Company will be paying you!   Almost every program I looked at suggested you install both systems  and gave complete instructions for installing Solar and A Wind Mill to balance the systems because the Sun doesn’t always  shine all the time so maybe the wind will be blowing to take up the slack!.

When both systems are at optimal production is when you generate enough power to start making back your investment.  Many indicated a max investment in material  in the area of two  to fifteen hundred dollars which is a lot less than what any manufactured system I have ever looked at cost.

The beauty of these systems are that you will be knowledgeable enough to monitor and service your own system because you built it.  Don’t think there is that much “servicing” involved but we do occasionally have those nice storms and kids do throw base balls.

This guy says if you passed third grade and can use a screwdriver you can do everything needed to install his system.  He also said  he had  his Solar and Wind up for three weeks spent less than $300 dollars and reduced his electric bill by 75% and the next month with both Solar and Wind running he got money back from the Power Company.  He lives in Minnesota…Click Here! (videos and guides he is an electrician).

This seller  says that  with the sources for materials he provides in his manual he can get you set up with Solar for around $200.  He also says he has been “off the grid” for years and doesn’t have an electric bill.   Have a good look, either one may be what you need, if not check back as I have some more on the way.
This seller has removed his program from the processor for redoing.  I have temporarily replaced with this excellent program… Click Here





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