Solar Do It Yourself and Save

Solar Air Heaters are Easy Green Alternatives

For the technically handicapped constructing and installing a Solar Air Heater might be the first step to take in going Green.

All materials for making a solar air heater can be purchased at your local Lowes or Home Depot or you might even have most of the material left over from another project.

This  is a plan for constructing one using metal or fiberglass window screen wire that you can buy in a roll. Using a hand stapler, power drill and a jig saw to cut a few 1×2’s allows you to make the inside part of the collector in about ten minutes.

It will take a little longer and more materials to build the box, insulate it and install your collector cover. There is very little electrical connecting to do. Some plans I have seen have a small fan with a thermo switch that turns the fan on and off at preset temperatures thereby eliminating cooling off the air in your home after the sun goes down.

Most of these simply plug into a wall plug in your home. If you don’t have a basement you might need to devise something like a wall cabinet to hide the connections to the outside, or another Plan I saw simply raises the bottom part of a window and builds a plate to hold the pipes that are used for air vents.

Since there are only two four inch holes they can be drilled side by side or if you are drilling through the wall and  want to really save space place them one above the other. Then run an extension down to the floor to draw in cooler air. This would leave you room to have your warm air return with the fan installed in the highest position.

I have seen a plan that actually installed the fan and the air supply inside the wall with a small  cabinet with a door and the holes covered with a decorative metal mesh.

This collector is constructed using window screen wire with a collector box painted black with heat resistant paint like that used to paint your BBQ.

So if you are interested in doing your first solar project using sun power to replace some of your carbon footprint, constructing this small solar power plant is a good first step. You are using solar technology at its simplest.  There is speculation that solar flare or solar flares in the next few years may increase the productivity of solar collectors.

If you want more information from a highly recommended company that sells plans for Solar Electric Panels and Wind Turbines to collect solar  for you to use as a home electric generating power source,  CLICK HERE.  They also have a FREE report you can download.  There is a lot of information on this site about replacing Oil generated power with carbon free alternatives.

If you just want to do some more reading or watch some more videos on anything related to solar go HERE.


How to Build a Home-made Free Energy Generator

What You Need To Know To Make Your Own Free Energy

Free energy generators are either a solar panel or wind turbine which can be built from unused equipment which you can often find at a junk shop. A home-made  wind turbine can be made from used car parts. If you are a newbie make sure you have a good instructional  guide at hand before starting out on this type of  project otherwise you might run into safety issues and also just lack the ability to make a workable project.

Parts are  usually safe and useable regardless of where you get them from. Your construction method is very  important when it comes to putting parts together and setting up your homemade electric generator.

You should be sure that the information you have on  hand includes up to date and  correct assembly methods otherwise your free energy generator may not work.  Many websites are offering information about how to make free energy generators but I suggest you  do some homework about different programs and find out about who  to trust.

Many  scam sites with substandard information are also available with their only intention being to make some money, not really help and guide you to completing a working solar project,  so I suggest you buy from a site with reviews and recommendations!

Not all websites are scams, but some are so do your online shopping wisely.

A high quality guide book  written by an  expert can show you how to build free energy generators with a low budget or no cost that really work like a commercially-made device.

Implementation guide for Building and Installing Solar
A good Book or Implementation guide for Building and Installing Solar makes the job easier! and Safer.

You can also find parts in your car garage or on the internet or your local auto parts store if you prefer something new.

The methods offered are usually  simple and straight-forward so do not worry about the technical stuff. A newbie can learn to build a home-made free energy generator within a few  days time. Several information guides I have read are  usually written with illustration which shows you with step-by-step instruction on putting parts together and setting them up.  Some of the best guides also include step by step videos, email addresses and/or phone numbers and help desks for support.

As mentioned above, if you put your hand on the wrong information you could possibly put your life in danger or end up with a non working or defective power generator.  The information should be written by a professional or someone who has had the benefit of being trained by a professional and is recommending thoroughly researched and tested information as regards materials and methods of construction.

Building a system to generate free energy  can be simple and fun but make sure you have the reliable and complete information at hand before you start out on  your weekend project.

As I said above, Some Renewable Energy Site are Scams. Below are links to an information provider who  will show you how to construct or supervise the construction of  a D.I.Y. Home-made power system at a reasonable  cost and avoid being scammed. Do not join or  buy any other plan until you have read this: Earth 4 Energy

They can  show you how to successfully create a free energy generatoring system  for less than $20o!  However, in order to use  your new energy, it must be integrated into your existing power system.  They provide this information to you along with a list of the equipment needed to complete installation  and very important  the tasks that they recommend  be handled by a professional if you are not a licensed electrician.

So be innovative but be Safe at the same time.   You can click on this line to visit Peter and Jennifer Lowe who have over 10 years experience in construction and installing energy systems, both solar and wind.

I enjoy giving a  recommendation to someone who deserves it.  I spent several months reading and exploring on the internet and came up with about three providers that I feel comfortable recommending for someone to to use their information for their own homemade Energy Project.

Click on the link above and go listen, read and watch the video information provided.  This is a very complete and highly recommended plan (by the users).  It also includes some nice bonus information.  It doesn’t cost anything to look and you might learn something if you are considering installing an Alternative Energy System.


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