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Sharing The Climate Reality Project

Sharing The Climate Reality Project Featuring Al Gore

Al Gore did the introduction to The Climate Reality Project live broadcast, explaining some of the projects they will be featuring.

Project Reality 24 hours of Reality
Project Reality
24 hours of Reality

He is ecstatic about the fact that in the U.S.  Alternative Energy has more than beaten the estimates of adding carbon free fuels into the mix of energy being use.

Next  he  interviewed that spunky Mayor from Puerto Rico that Trump didn’t fall in love with and try his regular Grab em technique.  (sorry couldn’t resist)

Puerto Rico Still Need Help, Water is Contaminated

She is more wily than me and avoided making a comment about Trump by saying what is going on in Puerto Rico is about the people and the help that is needed to rebuild and provide energy and clean drinking water and daily health care for people in need.

Not about politics.

She did request  that the rest of America not forget them. 

Said there are usually updates and information on Twitter and Facebook as the regular media doesn’t seem to remember them. 

Said she is very grateful for money and help that has been sent by ordinary citizens  and was surprised that so many people in Florida and Texas have responded. 

Even mentioned money sent by a 9 year old school boy and a $20 bill stapled to a post card from a Teacher in the U.S.

Jonathan Scott Hosted a Section

After that I got to watch one of my favorite actors from HGTV  Jonathan Scott from Property Brothers.

He said he had attended a construction workshop in Canada and learned a lot. 

Canadians are Proud of Participating in Climate Reality Project
Canadians are Proud of Participating in Climate Reality Project

Maybe there will be a re-run.  I’ll give you the link to the program at the end of this post.

Watch a Training Class for Wind Technicians Presented by The Climate Reality Project

Much to learn in this live class.  Included watching them get suited up with the necessary ropes and pulleys and safety equipment.  

This class was in Montana where they are training Wind technicians for free in a program sponsored by a company that installs and maintains those huge wind mills. 

Several of the trainees were former Oil workers who are happy to retrain as the oil work in Montana has diminished.

Here is a link to The Climate Reality Project  click and go!


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