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Burlington, Vermont Wins The Golden Ring-100% Powered Renewable

Jake Richardson posted September, 2014 about Burlington and its Achievement.

Here is just a small excerpt of what he had to say!

Wind, water and biomass are providing all of Burlington’s electricity, and this city is the largest in Vermont.
So, critics can’t say, “It’s just a little village, probably has 800 people, that’s not feasible anywhere else.”
However, the population of Burlington is about 42,000.
It’s not a large city by any means, but it also is not a tiny town where adding some solar and one wind turbine would cover everyone’s electricity.

Read some more here: http://cleantechnica.com/2014/09/23/100-renewable-energy-burlington-vt/

Not to be outdone, Good News Network Featured Burlington in a superb write up on February 4, 2015.

Using a combination of old water hydroelectric, Solar Panels and Wind. Of course they are getting some flack. Some people say they are not coming clean, because a lot of their energy is coming from the old but productive hydroelectric plants that are run by the force of water from streams to run big turbines that produce electricity. Even if they are old, they are still Green!


Stirling Engine What Happened to the Development?

Who Bought the Stirling Engine and Ran Away?

Two years ago, I wrote about the Stirling Engine and how it had been scheduled in 2008 or 2009 by an Australian Developer to go on the market for electric production.

It seems to have vanished from the face of the Earth!

I had linked to a video, and it disappeared off my Blogger Blog….

The only information I came up with is that the system in Australia was purchased by an Asian Consortium and taken off the Australian Market. Here is a video I found today..interesting stuff, even if it was uploaded in 2008.

In case that just whets your appetite, here is a video demonstrating the Telsa Magnetic motor which can be used to run a generator to produce electricity direct…the current model being worked on is an 80/20 it runs from an input which is stated as produces 80% energy by using 20% of energy produced to continue running. Telsa’s original design required only energy to get started…but friction of moving parts will eventually slow down the rotation. Have a look!

For a look at a good solar plan using solar panels or wind turbines Quick Access Here
The last time I went there, they had a free downloadable pdf with a lot of information included.